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Our Method

Job A. Dekker Greenhouse Consultancy has offered completely independent advice within the greenhouse sector since 1977 and continues to do so. Our credo is that the Consultant serves the interests of the Client, his wishes and choices need to be respected.

In order to secure our independence and allow complete transparency, we have always maintained that the fees must be agreed upfront. A percentage based fee arrangement of the overall project cost can all too easily lead to a 'weighed' design proposal.

Our designs and proposals focus on a healthy balance between investment and running cost. All too often the cost of lower investment does not outweigh the higher running cost.
We aim to make the consequences of the various options crystal clear, thus allowing our Client to make a balanced and considered decision.

Project specifications will always include the general terms and conditions, which the Seller must adhere to, as well as the job specific criteria from the Client. The drawings which are submitted with the project specification allow a bird's eye view of the overall installation and also clarify major and minor details. Tender documents can therefore be precise and to the point, which eliminates grey areas and which allows the Contractor to make a realistic proposal.

All the quotations prepared and submitted by the Contractors and Installers are carefully checked against the design criteria. In doing so we pay particular attention to the real term value of the quotation, the quality and durability of the materials, the cost of ownership and the prospective energy savings that can be made.

In this way, Job A. Dekker Greenhouse Consultancy delivers from concept to completion for the benefit of the Client.

Between the Client and the Seller...

Job A. Dekker Greenhouse Consultancy