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Greenhouses and Processing Rooms

Since its inception, Job A. Dekker Greenhouse Consultancy has carried out research into the loss of light caused by the actual greenhouse construction components. Additional research has been carried out into the north-south or east-west orientation of the greenhouse structure to determine whether the positioning of the structure allows it to derive additional benefit from radiation heat. The resulting energy saving potential can be considerable.

We calculate the loss of energy, which results as a consequence of other buildings or structures that adjoin the greenhouse structure — so called shade calculations. These calculations clearly demonstrate the amount of energy that is lost due to buildings erected within the immediate vicinity of the greenhouse. We will suggest alternatives to allow you to make cost savings.

The amount of energy that can be saved when taking this into account can be substantial. While you are considering your investment plans, be it for the greenhouse or any of the supporting infrastructure, Job A. Dekker Greenhouse Consultancy offers you clear and straightforward advice on energy saving measures.