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Calculation Service

For many years now — and making use of our own computer software — Job A. Dekker Greenhouse Consultancy has drawn designs and calculated the costing of technical installations for greenhouses worldwide.
Our calculation service does not limit itself to offering the necessary technical data, but also presents maximum insight into the overall project cost.

A typical design for a central heating installation will include the following:

  • An Excel file describing all of the required parts for the installation. (trilingual if so desired).
  • An indication of the gross weight of the materials (for transport purposes) and the assembly time required for the fitting of the parts and the commissioning of the system.
  • Drawings detailing the position of specific parts in the building.
  • An AutoCAD drawing or a PDF file showing the dimensions and the positioning of Mixing Groups in detail.

Job A. Dekker Greenhouse Consultancy offers similar complete designs for boiler houses, hot water storage (buffer) tanks, CO2 installations, supplementary light-, sprinkler and/or drip irrigation systems.

The design and calculation service of Job A. Dekker Greenhouse Consultancy focuses on clarity and transparency. By keeping continually up to date with technological advances within the industry, we are able to design systems that continue to meet with the technical and financial criteria of the Client.

Example of a drawing [PDF]