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Supplemental Lighting and Electrical Systems

Job A. Dekker Greenhouse Consultancy pioneered the design of supplementary lighting installations at different levels. When designing these installations, it is very important to ensure that the light intensity at all levels is equal. In order to accomplish this, we calculate the voltage drop over the length and gauge of the electrical cables.

Job A. Dekker Greenhouse Consultancy delivers overall designs for supplementary lighting installations, including the required calculations and the technical drawings to support this.

It can also be of enormous benefit to calculate the voltage drop of other electrical circuits. In order for an installation to deliver its maximum output, it is important to determine the amount of energy that is lost within the system.

Job A. Dekker Greenhouse Consultancy calculates the energy loss in order to ensure optimum system realisation and to prevent system malfunctions.

An accurate design based on a thorough system analysis will allow you to negotiate the specification and the terms of your new installation with confidence.